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Feeling Overwhelmed?


Modern life can be intense, with the world being so interconnected it can seem hard to ever really detach and take a breath.

Alice Tozzi

Are you finding the constant onslaught of information overwhelming and disrupting your sleep?

It's not surprising. Just think, up until a few centuries ago there was no radio, no television, no social media and even access to books was limited. People were often born, lived and died in the same small village with the same group of people, with little information coming in from the outside world. Over millenia our senses have been tuned to deal with that world; the snap of a twig indicating a potential preditor, a change in the wind indicating a change in the weather. These would have been our fight or flight triggers.

In the last 100 years, things have changed enormously. Today, we have access to news, entertainment, an entire world of thoughts and opinions literally in our hands. Our flight or flight triggers now also come from the digital world which can lead to a constant state of high alert, it wears us down – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So what can we do about it?

Take a break from social media, not all the time, just try using a technique called pattern interruption. The next time you mindlessly pick up an electronic device, pause, and instead, connect with your surroundings by asking a simple question: what are my senses telling me about my immediate surroundings?

You might notice a pleasant fragrance, mayby hear the leaves rustling in the trees as the breeze catches them. Maybe your eye catches your Sommio weighted blanket, and you wrap yourself in it and simply linger there for a few moments.

If you let this become a habit, you’ll interrupt the feelings of being overwhelmed and start finding your days easier. You’ll start connecting to the real-world and free-up your senses: less information, more wonder.

Making time

  • Try setting a time each day to practice, especially between activities e.g. between video calls?
  • Keep it short, less than a minute is better than no time at all!
  • Look for spontaneity in routine tasks: while walking the dog, eating breakfast or simply sitting on the couch.
  • Live less in the virtual and more in the real world.

Why bother?

  • Reducing the digital and embracing the real will make you feel more connected, so your world will feel more manageable. This will mean you’re less reactive and more responsive.
  • You’ll likely sleep better, have more energy and mental clarity.
  • You’ll be modeling healthy behaviour for your children.

So, what are you waiting for? Pause, and ask: what are my senses telling me about my immediate surroundings? Let your awareness move and if you come across something delightful, linger there for a little longer.

Complement this calming ritual with a knitted weighted blanket that looks just as good as it feels – to treat your senses and help improve your sleep.

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