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Goodbye stress,

hello rest.

A modern approach to the weighted blanket.

It's time to say goodbye to thick, hot and noisy glass bead filled weighted blankets. With our revolutionary Weightex fabric or our pure cotton knitted blankets, you can experience the satisfying deep calm of a weighted blanket, with perfect weight distribution, no weight shifting and no overheating.

Knitted Weighted Blanket

315 Reviews

A cozy weighted blanket made in the UK! Nothing but organic European cotton. An all-rounder perfect for all seasons.

Knitted to order, est. delivery in 3-5 working days

From £184.00

Weighted Duvet

Brand New!

The ultimate weighted duvet! 100% cotton shell, and cotton wadding, with our amazing Weightex core. Fits in a single duvet cover.


Simple science, satisfying sleep.

Weighted blankets tap into the therapeutic benefits of deep touch pressure stimulation, by simulating the sensation of being embraced they create a deep sense of relaxation and pure calm.

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