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Silent Night Blanket Comparison

The differences between Sommio Weightex® and glass bead filled blankets.


Weighted blankets have become a mainstream item, but the blanket design has remained largely the same since the first consumer versions were created. Silent Night currently use this standard construction of loose glass beads, separated into a grid of pockets; these pockets also contain a layer of polyester wadding which adds cushioning and muffling for the beads.

This design is prevalent as it is basic and easy to produce (although time consuming to do well), even if the pockets are evenly filled the resulting blanket is a poor product. As weighted blankets up to this point have been a niche item, customers have been more forgiving of the product's flaws, but as more established companies are now entering the market, customers are expecting higher standards.

What's Different About Weightex

Gravity established weighted blankets as a consumer product, with companies seeing their success there have been many emulations of the design, but almost all have been constrained by the paradigm of what a weighted blanket should be; a big bulky specialist item.

Weightex fabric allows companies to move away from the weighted blanket as a specialist product. The fabric can be easily incorporated into a throw, duvet, or even clothing, to provide perfectly distributed weight to a range of products, without adding bulk or sacrificing flexibility. This enables the production of items that appeal to a wider audience.

Weightex can be added to anything

Weightex can be made on rolls and then easily cut to shape to add to any item.

It can also be passed though quilting machines without causing damage, enabling it to be integrated into an existing production process.

Weightex is machine washable at low temperatures so can be included in wearable items.

Beads always bunch

Weighted blanket's work on the principle of deep touch pressure, which requires an even pressure over a large area, loose beads will always group and fall to the lowest point.

This bunching not only affects the efficacy of the blanket, but causes the blanket to bunch inside a cover; requiring tabs and ties to attach to specialist covers.

As Weightex has the weight integrated into the fabric, as the fabric forms around the body so does the weight; providing perfect even pressure.

No padding needed

Polyester padding is added to blankets, and to muffle the noise of beads moving, and conceal the beads from the user.

Padding not only adds thickness, meaning weighted blankets are bulky, but adds heat, which when combined with weight feels oppressive.

Weightex doesn't need padding, as such the resulting blankets can be less than a third of the volume. The image shows a folded 8 kg, 150 x 220 cm sheet of Weightex next to a 135 x 200cm 7 kg conventional weighted blanket.

Quick compare

Weightex is an alternative solution for adding weight to a product; unlike glass beads it is a single sheet of fabric that can be incorporated into another item.


Weight is integrated into fabric for zero movement

Weight is distributed evenly

Doesn't need extra padding

Weight is fixed in place so cannot leak

Can be included in almost any item, easy to cut to shape.

Glass Beads

Loose fill, needs to be contained in pockets, still moves significantly

Beads bunch at lowest point

Padding is required to stop beads sloshing around; adds heat

Beads wear at seams and eventually leak

Limited flexibility of use, resulting blankets are bulky