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So Nice!

I was aprehensive to buy at first, I wasn't sure how adding weight would help me to sleep. I thought what the hell, I can always return it if it doesn't work, so I gave it a go. First impressions were that the blanket was very high quality, and fit well in my duvet cover, it took me a while to get used to the weight but now I find it so soothing to get under at night, really recommend.

Tim Johnson


This blanket is amazing

I used to really struggle getting in the right head space to get to sleep, it would take me at least an hour most nights, which was incredibly frustrating. Since discovering weighted blankets I've been getting to sleep much quicker. I'm really grateful to Sommio and glad I found this!

Carol S


Really Happy with the quality

I looked around at some weighted blankets and I'm really happy I choose Sommio, the quality is great and it arrived really quickly

Tom Rogers


Ordered a second for my husband

My husband was really jealous of how comfy and chilled out I was in the evening so I bought him one as an early christmas present, he loves it!

Jane L


I use it every day

I have so many blankets around my sofa but this has quickly become my favourite, that's if I get is before my boyfriend gets his hands on it



I feel much more relaxed

I was always so tightly wound, work and family really kept me at a high level of stress. This blanket is amazing, i'm not sure if it's the ritual of taking some time in my weighted blanket or the way it relaxes my body, but I've been able to start unwinding a lot better and finally getting a grip on my chronic stress.



Absoloutely wonderful

A high quality product, I think I need to get another because my daughters are always hogging it.

Alex Robets


I'm in love

Love love love it! I wrap up and just feel so comfortable and relaxed

Allie R


Satisfyingly weighty

10% of bodyweight didn't sound like much but it's just perfect to feel that lovely embracing feeling, like being tucked in as a kid.

Jack A


Top Quality

Bought this for my son as an attempt to introduce something natural to help his sleep routine. The weighted blanket has had really good effects and he's sleeping a lot better. Seems strange that such a simple thing can make such a big difference, it really is amazing



Works okay

I think I'm seeing some positive results from the blanket. Result aside I'm satisfied with the quality and feel of the blanket, the fabric is nice and feels great to chill out in.



Can't wait to get wrapped up

So delighted to get my hands on a weighted blanket finally, I heard about them ages ago but couldn't find a good quality one that was made for an average person rather than targeted towards a specific medical condition. The results are great and I'm looking forward to my future with better sleep.

Brenna Jones


Use it everyday

Whether if had a bad day or a good day it's always made perfect by curling up in my weighted blanket and having some well deserved me time. If nothing else it's pushed me to spend more time focussing on relaxing and getting in a great state of mind, which has been fantastic for me



Really soothing

I love wrapping up in a blanket, I was really intregued by the possibility of something I already loved having really beneficial effects. I found the blanket to be great, now when I curl up on the sofa at the end of a long day my husband has to pry me out of my weighted blanket

Barb Alsebrook


Helps me unwind

There is nothing better than wrapping up at the end of the day in my new weighted blanket



Perfect for after work

after a long day in the office both myself and partner love to get under our new weighted blanket, its always a race through the door to see who gets it! Cant wait till our second arrives.

Clio A


So soft

I have never realy been a blanket person, but I really needed something to help me unwind and I'm really satisfied with how the blanket makes me feel.

Emily B


Netflix and super chill

Takes the sofa experience to a whole new level, only problem is its so comfortable and warm I keep falling asleep! I guess it's not the worst problem to have.

Wayne O


Wish I'd found this sooner

I’ve never liked the feeling of being tucked in tight, but this is different. There’s still freedom to move about, but with a feeling of being of being cosseted.

Roxy Bolton


Great results

Since the menopause it’s been duvet on, duvet off, duvet on again. Somehow this blanket doesn’t seem to make me overheat so much. Getting a less interrupted night’s sleep.




this blanket has made massive improvements on my general anxiety levels. I used to really struggle in the evening, wasting hours on end without managing to drift off to sleep just stressing over silly things! I find it so much easier to calm down and relax with a weighted blanket. I really wish this was around earlier, I feel so much better


Chipping Norton

Not sure

I love the feel of the blanket, it's soft and satisfyingly weighty, but I'm not sure how much of an impact it's making at this point. I'm working on my sleep hygine so hopefully this will be a key element in achieving better sleep

Mark P


Don't think it's for me

Didn't work for me unfortunately, I like the quality of the blanket but I'm still struggling to get a good night's sleep.

Dan C


So goood!

My friend bought me one for my birthday because I’m always yawning and moaning about how tired I am. She wants one herself now she can see how much it’s improved my sleep. She’s not having mine back!

Alexia P

Barnard Castle

Stress Free

I genuinely am coping with the stresses of day a lot better now I have my blanket, if I could take it to work with me I would!

Bobbie P


Seeing Progress

I'm a bit of a sceptic of anything promising to be a natural solution, but I've never been able to find sucess with prescription medications, and I didn't want to be realiant on any if I did so I though it was worth a punt. So far I am really enjoying the blanket, my insomnia is less severe and I feel better in general; i look forward to using it and I'm really happy I bought it.

Linda Moses



The duvet is wonderful helps settle you so you can get a good night sleep!

Carlota Thames


Good night's sleep

I bought a couple of weighted duvets as gifts for family members who struggle with anxiety. They have both said they absolutely love them and they are making a difference.

Lesli Kall


Works as promised

I used to get severe anxiety at night, which really impacted my sleep. I've found my weighted duvet really helps reduce the severity and has made getting a good night's sleep a lot easier.

Brittaney Chachere


Good purchase

Bought for my daughter, she really loves it and is getting better sleep

Yolanda Collar

St Ives

Better sleep

My son loves it, really helps him calm down at bed time

Eldora Waldrip


Getting better sleep

Does what it says, better than anything else I've tried.

Louis Clark


Better solution

I used to stack a lot of duverts and blankets on me to get the weight, since finding this I get the same effects in a much more manageable single duvet

Carolyn Tompson


good investment

I was umming and aahing about buying a weighted duvet, but I'm really glad I did; a great investment for my sleep.

Geraldo Gaulding

South Shields

surprisingly good

I didn’t realise how heavy it would be. But when I put it over me, wow!! What a sense of security. It is the strangest thing to describe and experience. The blanket is great. Thank you.

Cira Olivieri



Love it, sleeping so much better

Kristian Robertson


little adjustment period

Took me a little while to get used to the weight, I was worried that it wasn't for me, but after a few nights I started getting better sleep and really loved the sensation of the weight.

Aracelis Everson


Blanket feedback

Really enjoying this duvet, would be nice if I could get a larger vesion

Geralyn Beshears

St Neots

secure sensation

Finally look forward to going to bed in the eveing, I went heavier than the recommended weight and I love how I feel, it's so secure.

Frederica Haack



Really exceeded my expectations, the weight stays pretty well distributed and has helped me get a better sleep. I went for a heavier weight and I like the extra pressure

Kelsi Batdorf


super cosy

Feel secure, safe and comfortable at night

Roberto Forsman


Love it!

I love it! The first night I used it I slept better than I had in years. However, I wish I would have purchased a heavier one as it doesn’t have quite the same effect as on the first night but I still sleep better than I use to.

Merrill Sayler


Keeps me still

We love it, I normally toss and turn a lot through the night but this helps keep me still and improves both mine and my partners sleep.

Valrie Humiston


Arrived fast

Turned up the next day, love it; has really made a difference.

Gay Sobieski



Interesting product, didn’t think it was going to be as good as it has been; pleasantly surprised

Jeannine Florian


My favourite

like it, it's good

Ena Schreier

Medlar with Wesham

Great results

Bought more for my wife and son, we’re all sleeping better

Lloyd Parkes



Met all my expectations

Zunairah Newman


Great for everyone

I bought a duvet for myself but found that it was a little too hot for me in the summer, I contacted Sommio and they sorted out an exchange for me which was really easy. My husband tried the duvet and found it was great for his sleep, just got another for my daughter.

Anne-Marie Melton



I was dubious when I read the reviews, but I was at the point where I was willing to try anything to get better sleep. I still don't sleep 100% of the time but it's so much better than it was

Douglas Thompson


very heavy

It is very heavy but seems to work to keep me from tossing and turning.

Melanie Love


Great for anxiety

My daughter suffers from constant severe anxiety, since using a Sommio weighted duvet she's been able to get over 5 hours sleep in a single stretch which is such a huge improvement, and now I can finally get some sleep!

Phyllis Byers


Son likes it

He doesn't use it every night, but finds if he is struggling to sleep then it can really make the difference!

Sandra Clarkson


Sleep better with it

The duvet seems to be good quality, it works well in a single duvet cover and is really easy to use. Found that I'm sleeping better since I started using it

Nabil Massey


Sleep tool

It's not going to solve every sleep issue, but it's given m eabout a 70% improvement on my sleep.

Lottie Cook


the best

I dind't realise how much I like the feeling of pressure until I tried the blanket, it feels so secure, I love to wrap myself up in it.

Michaela Barker


Warm and Relaxing

I was disappointed when there was not a double version, but I ended up getting one for me and my partner and it's definitely better, no more hogged blankets.

Ayan Pate



Definitely would buy again, has helped with leg cramps and insomnia

Henley Denton



’ve always loved the feeling when I would layer blankets on my bed. The Sommio weighted duvet does just that. I love it and would buy it all over again, no regrets.

Marnie Cross


Hugging comfort

It works. I just had an operation and the duvet gives me comfort especially in the middle of the night! Seems like it would be hot but it’s not really. Just a hug

Philippa Aguilar


More than I hoped!

It's everything they promised and more. Highly recommend them and will be purchasing more for my family

Keri Fritz


Like a hug

The Sommio duvet is a wonderful product! Although it seems heavy to just pick up, once one is under it, the weight equalizes and feels weightless. I couldn't be happier!

Simran Raymond


Helpful welkness tool

I find the blanket to be helpful for dealing with anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia. My son lives with autism and finds it helpful for sensory overload issues. The blanket is a quality product. Well made with a lovely soft cover. I am very pleased with the workmanship. In hindsight, the only thing I would say is that I would have chosen the next weight lower than what I ordered. I ordered the heaviest duvet, as I really like weight but it was a little too much

Benny Hodge


Worth the money

my husband is enjoying and sleeping soundly

Emilija Norman



Love it It feel like a comforting hug

Rachelle Guthrie


good product, fast shipping

The first night I had to get used to different in the weight of the blanket but now I love it. I snuggle in and pass out.

Fynley Colley


Completely different

I suffer with menopause ( hot flashes) and bouts of anxiety and I do not believe in taking medication so i fight it with diet, Qi Gong and lot's of dog walks in nature. That works but at night it's another story and this duvet is a innovation of science and luxury. It works! I slept last night for the first time more than 4 hours straight and that is a milestone for me. It feels like a big hug like the ad reads and is comforting and so soft and not too hot.

Najma Mercer


Took a little time

The first night wasn't that great, it took me some time to get used to the new sensation and the pressure; but after a week I couldn't be without the soothing sensation of the duvet

Nathanial Gillespie


Great for my husband

Great customer service, I called up first to get some advice on the best product for my husband. It arrived next day and my husband actually got through an entire night without waking up, I'm impressed.

Ellen Buckley


Wonderful product

The weight and pressure help me feel more secured and get a better night's sleep, especially after a stressful day

Cole Kelley

Melton Mowbray

Mood and sleep are improved

I wake up feeling better rested which helps me get though the day without getting tired and stressed, good buy

Amin Oneill


Warm and soft

Not sure it helps my sleep but I really like the pressure

Bronte Juarez


Wake up better

I feel like I wake up more naturally which is helping me have better days

Mariella Cantrell

North Petherton

Ocassional use

I don’t use this every day, but sometimes when I really want to feel secure I'll use it, it's a bit expensive for occasional use, but if you like pressure you'll probably like it

Luciano Downes


Customer service

They were so quick getting back to me and helping me choose the right product for me, I chatted to them on the phone for over 10 minutes and really felt good about my choice. No regrets

Carla Ferry


good gify

Bought as a present, they really like it

Zahraa Khan


Helped insomnia

I really struggle to get to sleep, always have. I tried this for a few nights and it’s really starting to help, I get a lot less stressed about going to bed now

Fahmida Marsden


Solved a lot of problems

I've always had a lot of problems with stress, anxiety and insomnia which I've always struggled to manage. It gets bad in the evening, and I dread going to bed, since using a Sommio weighted duvet at night I've found that I feel secure, and the weight is soothing which really helps.

Sumayya Lara


Nice heavy blanket

Not sure how much it helps with insomnia, but I love the feeling of the weight at night.

Etienne Lucero


Great product, great service

I love weight at night, and Sommio were really helpful in helping me choose the right weight, arrived super quickly

Judy Frazier

Darley Dale

After work treat

Really helps me unwind after a long stressful day at the office, I get home and wrap up in a weighted duvet and it helps take the stress away

Hashir Cain


This blanket is amazing

I used to really struggle getting in the right head space to get to sleep, it would take me at least an hour most nights, which was incredibly frustrating. Since discovering weighted blankets I've been getting to sleep much quicker. I'm really grateful to Sommio and glad I found this!

Ronald Perry


Beats everything else I've tried

I've been using medication and herbal remedies to try and improve my quality of sleep, and up to this point nothing has really worked. Then i found out about weighted blankets and all I can say is that they really are all they're cracked up to be.

Gloria Mitchell


Think it's making a real difference

Not sure if it just helps me chill out or what but I'm definitely getting to sleep easier, and wake up feeling better.

Howard Jackson

Clay Cross

Where has this been

Every night I struggle to get to sleep, I find I often have to work late into the evening which makes it even harder to switch off when I get into bed. Since tying a weighted blanket I find it takes half the time to get to a point where I can nod off.

Kathleen White


Really comfortable

I love the soft minky texture of the blanket, it feels to smooth. Everything about it helps me chill out and calm down.

Christina Jenkins


Great results

I've been really focussing on paying attention to mindfulness after starting Yoga a couple years ago. This blanket has added another level to my meditation after sessions and in the evening before sleep. Highly recommended!

Jesse Bennett


Definitely made a difference

I've tried everything to get better sleep, so I thought I'd give this a go. It seemed a little pricey, at least until I looked around, but i can say it's really been worth it. I get to sleep faster and I feel better when I wake up in the morning, especially if I get time to use it in the evening to help me chill out.

Victor Moore

Sturminster Newton

Revolutionary product

I love that it's a natural solution, I absoloutely hated taking medication to help me sleep, and I always felt groggy when I woke up, feel so much better after discovering Sommio. Life changing!

Tina Hill

South Woodham Ferrers

Works well

does what it promises and feels fantastic.

Lillian Edwards


A must have

We bought a blanket for when we've had a really stressful day and really need some help to relax and recover. We've tried all sorts but we've found this way more effective, and we're using it way more than we expected.

Keith Cox


My boyfriend loves it

I'm definitely getting a second so we don't have to share, it's in use from the point we get home after work to when we wake up in the morning. It has been an absoloute revelation for both of us.

Lori Wilson


Use it everyday

Whether if had a bad day or a good day it's always made perfect by curling up in my weighted blanket and having some well deserved me time. If nothing else it's pushed me to spend more time focussing on relaxing and getting in a great state of mind, which has been fantastic for me

Harry Flores


Helps me unwind

There is nothing better than wrapping up at the end of the day in my new weighted blanket

Frank Kelly


Perfect for after work

after a long day in the office both myself and partner love to get under our new weighted blanket, its always a race through the door to see who gets it! Cant wait till our second arrives.

Ernest Torres

Braunstone Town

Never at my laptop wthout it

Our new weighted blanket is perfect for working at home now the temperatures have dropped, just right! It travels around the house with me

Maria Richardson


Level's down my stress

There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up on the settee with a good book or film on the TV. A weighted blanket actually does make it nicer, makes you feel all cosy, like being hugged.

Mary Allen


So soft

I have never realy been a blanket person, but I really needed something to help me unwind and I'm really satisfied with how the blanket makes me feel.

Judith Murphy



this blanket has made massive improvements on my general anxiety levels. I used to really struggle in the evening, wasting hours on end without managing to drift off to sleep just stressing over silly things! I find it so much easier to calm down and relax with a weighted blanket. I really wish this was around earlier, I feel so much better

Carlos Harris


Wrap me up!

No more cold winter nights! log fire, weighted blanket and a series… what more can you want.

Amanda Martin


Really Nice

I’ve been struggling for years to get a good night’s sleep. I don’t know how this blanket works, but it does – amazing!

Joshua Scott


Does what it promises

I initialy bought this blanket on a whim, nothing ventured nothing gained sort of thing, now its one of the best decisions I have made, calm relaxed and feeling fresh every morning

Janice Hughes


Glad i bought it

I bought one for my husband who drives me mad tossing and turning all night. He says he's sleeping better but all I care about is that he moves around much less, finally I can get a good night’s sleep too.

Laura Bryant


Good buy

I got my weighted blanket after being recommended by a friend, I was pretty hesitant as I've never really found anything that makes a difference for me but I was pretty desperate. I was interested in the blanket and read the studies behind it which really helped in getting me to finally press buy; It's not a miracle but it really does help me, the time it takes me to go to sleep has reduced and I get in a much better state of mind before going to bed.

Philip Rogers


Love it

I love my blanket and very quick delivery

Benito Munoz


Simple process

Easy ordering, prompt delivery and the blanket is fantastic. I was sceptical about all the reviews raving about how life-changing it was. But I have to admit that I am sleeping much better I suffer with anxiety, panic attacks and RLS. Though I do still have the odd sleepless night, overall the quality and duration of the my sleep has greatly improved. It's a tremendous help

Kirby Broadhurst


Turned up quickly

Excellent product, speedy delivery, great price

Abid Osborne

South Brent

Above expectations

blanket is beautiful and alot nicer than i imagined it would be. i got a 6kg blanket for my autistic son. still early days but im figuring that if i wait till his actually ready to sleep, and than i roll back the quilt amd put sommio blanket on.his gone in 5 mins. major step forward for us.

Ellesse Oconnor




Aleah Strong


Feels lovely

I LOVE this blanket It's made of the softest material, that's just gorgeous to the touch, and feels like a really comforting hug when you lie under it. SO pleased with it, and it's quality materials and make. Very happy with it

Rimsha Gutierrez


all good

orderign was easy, blanket was as described and delivery was very quick. My daughter had refused a blanket yet it she was delighhted with it and is sleeping a lot better with it.

Isobella Calhoun



Great item. Would recommend.

Sachin Dodd


Recommend all the time!

Absolutely recommend this blanket I used to massively struggle getting to sleep and this has massively helped

Eren Molloy


Worth it!

I love it. Beautifully made. Speedily delivered. Couldn't now be without it.

Raheel Frey


Customer service was great

It took a little longer than expected but the customer services kept me updated

Amrita Morrison


Happy customer

Have bought 5 blankets from the company in recent months as gifts for family and friends, all with different needs. They are very relaxing and the company are great to deal with.

Rahul Nash


Would buy again

I'm happy with their service

Harvir Wolfe


Fantastic for the money

Firstly, very affordable price. Secondly, fast and sensitive customer service. And the last, but not the least, the blanket itself - works perfectly for keeping me calm, therefore, I can fall asleep fast.

Fahim Booker


great gift

As I bought this blanket for my granddaughter I can’t rate the actual goods although she says it is very good and she is sleeping better

Fintan Bell

Bishop Auckland

Arrived just in time

Having had my blanket arrive just before Christmas, I thought I would give it a while before reviewing. The blanket arrived extremely quickly and I was kept informed all the way through. Having had trouble sleeping for a long time from the first night this made a huge difference. I now can’t imagine sleeping without it An excellent high quality product that I for one love

Cian Kumar


Wonder item

Fantastic Blanket really works

Karen Spooner


Really Pleased

Very pleased with the product. Bought as a present.

Abdulrahman Kaufman

Bishop's Castle

Good Help

Great service

Uma Thomas


Really satisfied

I have no complaints whatsoever, I was kept updated the whole time

Arran Pacheco


everthying is good

The product is outstanding The customer service is fantastic The delivery was perfect

Thank you

Hannah Marsden


More ZZZs

Very happy with my blanket. Definitely sleeping better at night and wake up feeling I had a good nights sleep

Ahmed Colley


Great service

Missed Guarantied Christmas delivery, but got a £10 refund, so I’m happy, wife loves the blanket, so she is happy as well, might have to just buy another one for me .

Maddox Hardy


Just love it

I love this blanket so much Fantastic product. Fantastic service. I also love that each blanket has a personal touch Also, this blanket is completely life changing and I have no idea how I’ve gone through life up until now without one 10/10 3

Mason Hood



Very reliable and quick delivery service. Amazing product

Dolores Mercer


Good gift

Item was a gift so pleased with service

Derren Gale

Long Sutton

Should've bought one earlier

I absolutely love my Sommio blanket. Best decision I made in buying this product. I love how it hugs you. Love it.

Clement Kirk


good blanket

Excellent product but delivery by TNT took quite a long time and their nearest depot for me to collect the item (my preference compared to re-delivery when I missed the original delivery) was a long way away.

Piper Wagstaff

Pateley Bridge

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

Ayat Woodard


Grandson loves it

My grandson loves the blanket. The quality looks good, but we will have to wait awhile to see how well it holds together.

Korey Parkinson


Great night's sleep

The best nights sleep ever. So comforting and calming. I've told everyone about my new blanket :))

Mahamed Wyatt


Really Happy

So happy with this blanket. It is worth in the initial investment My daughter, who is 18, said she is sleeping so well, solid sleep, no longer waking up in the night as she often would.

Pippa Chandler


Just great

Great service, great product. Thank you

Elyas Schaefer


Amazing blanket

Amazing blanket and shipping was quicker than expected. It's helping me sleep better and calming me down when I'm anxious.

Percy Ross


Not going back!

Probably the best buy in my life

Yannis Travers


Good shop, great service

Very quick service , easy to order and kept up to date with the status of the order

Lola Correa


Research paid off

I've been looking into weighted blankets for several years now to help with my anxiety and poor sleep; however, I never committed to buying one as it's a significant investment. This year, I finally took the plunge and love it The blanket is great quality, arrived as expected, and I definitely feel it has helped with settling me when I am feeling anxious or restless. Thank you

Jeremiah Moran


Worth Every Penny

Lovely blanket. worth every penny. Great service. Prompt and trackable delivery.

Terrence Reader


Shouldn't have waited so long

The only thing I have to say is why did I wait so long to order one of these My aspi son now styles at bedtime and sleeps well Thank you

Shakira Banks


Looks good

So fat, so good

Lucy Shepard

Epsom and Ewell

Helps my son

Love my blanket My son never goes to sleep before 10pm and he’s only 11. He has adhd so his brain is very active. The first night using it he was asleep at 8

Zainab Witt

St Just-in-Penwith

everything was perfect

Buying & delivery very quick, good quality fabrics & packed well with good washing instructions onhow to look after it, can not comment on using item as a gift for a family member.

Jasmine Hines

Dalton Town with Newton

Better than expected

Just as described, gorgeously plush and very heavy blanket that feels like you’re being hugged. This is a real, quality product, well packaged and received within 7 days. Very pleased

Kai Busby


Sleeping Better Already

Love it. Have had it for a week and sleeping so much better would fully recommend

Rory Whiteley


Worth the wait

Delivery was a little longer than expected but I was able to track the package which arrived safely and well packaged. A question to customer services was answered promptly.

Riya Mccray


Really good

Very good product and efficient service

Sabiha Fellows


Meets my expectations

Delivered on time ... blanket is warm and cosy .. and stops me fidgeting and being restless so much .. many thanks xx

Maiya Lamb


As described

Product delivered in good time and as described. Customer service team were responsive to enquiries. It is a present so I can’t yet comment on efficacy

Ivor Walter


Whole family wants one

Bought one - promptly swiped by my daughter, she loves it. - ordered a backup (well hidden), lovely blankets quickly delivered.

Suman Hartley

Princes Ris

Super Product

Super product , beautifully made and helping me stay asleep far more.

Awais Pitt


Probably buy another!

Very good services and product. I bought 2nd blanket for my daughter.

Adam Robertson


Need one for every room

Its my second blanket. Got the first one as a christmas gift for someone then decided on buying one for myself. Very warm, fluffy and cozy, i use it instead of my duvet. First few days i was falling asleep under it and slept for hours I jump under it after work as well to relax. Quite heavy but thats the way it should be. It stays on all the time because of that Lovely packaging as well

Deanna Millar


Everything clear and easy

Very easy website to use. Good information on there to help with disissions. Fast delivery. When arrived it was amazing quality and it has been used non stop. Amazing product

Todd Bryant


All gone super well

Everything went really well Shipping was super fast (to Finland) and the blanket is perfect Only problem I have is that I sleep so well and comfortably that I don’t wanna get up in the morning, haha 5/5.

Frida Medina


No problems

Cannot fault any aspect of this order. The blanket is beautiful

Kelise Stone


Perfect Gift

Ordered for my daughter she loves it

Andrei Enriquez


Really impressed

Fast, accurate and clear communication - very impressed.

Thierry Li


All so good!

Great shop and Quick delivery

Chandni Vo


Great for autism

I bought this blanket for my adult son who has autism. Never a good sleeper.....but he is now.....he loves it. The tactile cover is a bonus too. Worth every penny..the black circles have gone from beneath is eyes

Nathan Novak


So comfy

Very comfortable and relaxing blanket.

Arlo Mahoney


Simply Amazing

Simply amazing, wish I'd gotten one sooner.

Kingsley Barrow


Perfect weight for me

Speedy delivery and the option to exchange the weight if I need to. My son reports that it is soft and comforting and aids his getting off to sleep.

Glen Macfarlane


Stress Free Buy

Excellent description, product as expected. Delivery came earlier than expected. Customer service entirely stress free.

Ayomide Thomas


Seeing real results, very happy

I've always had a lot of trouble sleeping, I normally woke up a lot during the night. I've had the blanket for a couple weeks now and I'm still adjusting to it but it's definitely helping me. I fall asleep a lot faster and if I do wake up, I fall asleep quite fast again. Best purchase ever

Jake Livingston


Happy with blanket

Happy with the blanket

Erin Seymour


Keeps getting better

I have been using my blanket for around 5 weeks now and whilst I didn't see any immediate benefits over time my quality of sleep has improved and my anxiety levels have reduced.

Alyssia Callahan


One word, LOVE

I love love love my Sommio blanket, it feels very luxurious and it is warm and cosy too. It isn’t exactly cheap but I certainly think it’s worth every penny, the quality shows that, don’t hesitate, u won’t regret it

Blythe Davie


My child loves it

My child LOVES this blanket, only wish I'd bought one sooner

Lacie-Mae Dougherty


Arrived ahead of schedule

The blanket was shipped quicker than I had thought, and is even better than expected.

Sumaiyah Kennedy


Really helps with anxiety

I love this blanket, it helps with anxiety. I don't wake up feeling anxious anymore.

Odin Wilkerson


good duvet

I get a little claustrophobic, but I worked the blanket into my sleep routine and it's really helping, the claustrophobia passed after a few days

Wm Nealey