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The best weighted blanket for your bed, no question!

Experience the magic of our revolutionary Weightex fabric inside a soft cotton duvet, with 100% cotton fill, and no stuffy polyester in sight! With the weight integrated into a flexible fabric, Weightex provides perfect weight distribution, zero weight shifting, and fantastic ease of use. Paired up with breathable cotton outer and cotton wadding this weighted duvet is the perfect option for every night use.

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What's wrong with beads?

Beads always bunch

Weighted blankets work on the principle of deep touch pressure, which requires an even pressure over a large area, loose beads will always group and fall to the lowest point.

This bunching not only makes the blanket ineffective, but causes the blanket to bunch inside a cover; requiring tabs and ties to attach it to specialist covers.

Because Weightex has the weight integrated into the fabric, as the fabric forms around the body so does the weight; providing perfect even pressure.


Weight is integrated into fabric for zero movement

Weight is distributed evenly

Weight is fixed in place so cannot leak

Breathable, so doesn't trap heat.

Glass Beads

Loose fill, needs to be contained in pockets, still moves around

Beads bunch at lowest point

Padding is required to stop beads sloshing around.

Beads wear at seams and eventually leak

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Blanket Overview


Medical research has shown that deep pressure stimulation: an even gentle pressure applied across the body, triggers the production of serotonin, often referred to as the happy hormone; whist simultaneously reducing levels of cortison (the stress hormone) and boosting levels of melatonin, helping you achieve a deep calm.

This calm state leads to deeper sleep cycles, helping you to achieve satisfying rest and wake up feeling fresh and revitalised.

Our weighted duvet is the perfect choice for for use in your bed, this duvet with it's 100% cotton fabric and cotton wadding is wonderfully breathable, and soft; ideal for all seasons.


At Sommio we use organic materials wherever possible, you'll not find cheap polyester wadding in any of our duvets. All our materials are sourced from Europe, so you can be sure every part of a Sommio duvet is ethically made by workers paid a fair wage.

  • Outer fabric: 100% Cotton - From Lithuania

  • Wadding: 100% Cotton - From Lithuania

  • Weightex - Proprietary contruction in Europe

  • Designed in England

  • Manufactured in Europe.

Our weighted duvet is made carefully by hand, our special Weightex fabric is enclosed between layers of cotton wadding to add warmth and a luxurious, breathable cotton outer fabric.

Care Instructions

Our weighted duvets fit inside a standard single duvet cover, we recommend washing the cover rather than the duvet for the longevity of your item.


Our weighted duvet is designed for a single person and comes in 2 different weights:

  • 8 kg | 17 lbs

  • 10 kg | 20 lbs

Your duvet should be roughly 10% - 15% of your body weight (i.e 60 kg body weight = 8 kg blanket).

If you're between weights, we recommend you go with the heavier weight. For example an 90 kg user would be best suited to a 10 kg blanket.

The Duvet comes in two different thicknesses:

  • Light - Perfect for hotter sleepers, equivalent to 2-5 tog

  • Medium - A great all rounder, equivalent to 5-8 tog

 Since our duvets are made by hand, there may be a small variation in weight. They measure 135 x 200 cm.